Private beach

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The Private Beach (spiaggia privata in concessione consorziata) of the Dominio Mare Resort & SPA is a sandy beach just below the Resort, at less than 10 minutes walking down from the hill through a super-panoramic walkway.

It is a great plus for the project but it is not large (it can fit 20 sun umbrellas, 40 places plus the children), for this reason we designed a system that allows those people who want to take advantage of it, to do so.

The beach can be booked only from one day to the following at the Resort’s Reception desk and it is subject to availability (first-come/first-served).

The price is 30 Euro (two sunbeds and one umbrella) for the entire day and 16 Euro for half a day (09.00-14.00 and 14.00-19.00).

Normally availability at the Beach is not a problem, especially considering the large amount of other wellness facilities available for the guests at our Italian Resort and SPA.
It may get a bit more difficult during those very high season weeks, from the second half of July to the third week of August, the hottest holiday period in the Italian Summer.
In any event, in Bergeggi, nearby on the coast, there are at least two “spiagge libere” available to anybody, free of charge.

To discuss the matter further please contact us at anytime – +390192570200, – we will respond promptly.

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